Why Get Involved With Makeup Competitions


There are thousands of makeup products currently available in stores and the prices are getting higher and higher every year. This means it’s becoming increasingly more expensive to try out different products if you haven’t had experience with different brands before. What if you shell out £50+ for a makeup pallet only to be disappointed in the quality of it. Now you’re stuck £50 down with a product with little to no value to you.

Why makeup competitions could be the answer

At Glamour Giveaways we offer weekly makeup competitions for all the newest products to come onto the market. Our make up competitions allows you to participate by creating an account and buying a ticket from a variety of prices. This gives you the chance to try a vast array of different makeup products for a low price if you win our competitions.

All you need to do to get involved is create an account with us, either by entering your email and a password or by quickly logging in via Facebook. Then navigate over to our current competitions page to see all of the competitions we have on our website at the minute. (Check back often or subscribe to our newsletter to see when we upload a new one!)

Once you’ve selected a competition that you fancy giving a go you have the option to select 1 or more ticket numbers to be entered into our makeup competitions. You’ll then need to answer the question correctly at the bottom of the competition page and then click participate now to add it to your account basket. Simply enter your contact details and make your purchase using one of our many payment offers and that’s it, you’re in the draw!

You’ll now receive an email confirming your purchase and ticket number along with the date of the draw. When the draw ends you’ll receive another email telling you if you were successful or not. If you’re one of our lucky winners we’ll let you know right away and we’ll be in contact within 7 days to organize the delivery of your prize, it’s that simple.